Meet the Hello Cup

You may have heard the term ‘menstrual cup’.

That’s what the Hello Cup is. One of those. Essentially you put it up your vjayjay instead of a tampon. The best bit is, they’re even better than tampons – well, we think so, anyway.

Not only will your Hello Cup last for years and save you heaps of moolah, it’s also good for the environment, holds more than tampons and is unbelievably comfortable (as in you can’t even feel it).


The Vagina Switcheroo

Before we get started we need to introduce you to our al la carte vagina-term menu. You see, some of us are fine with the ‘v’ word while others prefer terms such as vjayjay, glory box, fanny or something completely random.

Take a moment to choose your favourite term from this super-whizz-bang box. It will magically ensure your preferred name is used throughout the Hello Cup website.

Why the Hello Cup?

The Hello Cup is proudly made and designed in New Zealand using top notch medical grade TPE (a type of plastic) that we import from Germany.

We feel strongly that when it comes to your vjayjay, you only want to put trustworthy stuff up there (sound advice from our grandmothers).

Yes, there are other cups out there, but not all cups are created equal. The Hello Cup is in a league of its own.