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Hello Low Cervix Cup

    • Our specialist cup for people with a low cervix 
    • Unsure of our cervix height? Use our measurement guide, here!
    • Unlike our regular Hello Cup, the Hello Low Cervix Cup does not have a toggle at the base. This is because people with a low cervix have a shorter vaginal canal, so they may find the toggle exposed, or uncomfortable. Instead, Hello Low Cervix Cups have a rounded base which is thickened – allowing for easy removal. 
    • Our Hello Low Cervix Cup comes in two sizes – S/M and L. 
    • Take the size quiz if you are still unsure!

    The Hello Cup is a complete game changer when it comes to your period.

    • Hypoallergenic
    • Medical-Grade
    • Holds more than tampons
    • Reusable for years
    • Silicone-Free
    • BPA Free
    • Designed by a nurse
    • Made in New Zealand

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    Best money I ever spent

    I had tried a couple of different brands of period cups including the regular length hello cup and nothing ever felt comfortable. It wasn’t until my GP told me I had a low cervix that I tried this cup! I absolutely adore my hello cup and it makes my period so easy. It’s so comfortable that often I forget I have my period so it’s a good thing they can be left in for up to 12 hours! I’m not sure how I lived without this cup and I love thinking about how I’m helping the environment whilst using it. I recommend it to all my friends and definitely believe this is the way forward for women in t he future!

    The Hello Cup

    It's fabulous to hear that your GP shared info about your cervix as during an examination is a great opportunity to find a few things out! We're so pleased to hear that your period is now so much easier! Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx

    Low Cervix Cup Game Changer

    I recently switched to the low cervix cup not realising that I had a low cervix These cups are the best ever I was using a normal Hello cup but started to feel it a lot more then I switched and it’s so much better I switch between the large and the small depending on times of my period I can wear it all day and not have a worry in the world Absolutely love it Best investment and invention ever

    The Hello Cup

    We love to hear of a happy Low Cervix Cup user! We're so happy to hear how worry free your day is now! Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx

    Life Changing

    This cup changed my life. I decided to switch to sustainable period products roughly a year ago, and after three different brands and four different cups I am thrilled to have found the Low Cervix Hello Cup. I am only in my late teens yet I wish I had made the switch years ago. I was never a tampon user as I was intimidated by the thought of any internal product, but I knew that if a menstrual cup worked for me it would change the game forever. Unlike other cups, The Hello Cup is appealing in its design with its cute colours and soft edges. This cup helps me forget that I am even on my period. I will never again have anxiety around pool parties, family holidays or bathrooms without bins with a Hello Cup. I know it can be daunting but I'd encourage every woman (especially teens!) to at least try a menstrual cup because when you find the one that works for you, you will never go back. Thank you for creating a cup that allows women to feel comfortable and confident always. <3 (Would love to see the Low Cervix cup in more colours!)

    The Hello Cup

    If there is one thing which REALLY excites us here at Hello Cup, its the thought of how many single use period products a teen saves when they use Hello Cup! Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx


    Honestly I have tried so many (tbh much cheaper) cups since cups became a thing, and have always just ended up getting jabbed in the labia all day. But these. These are a f-cking revelation; this is the first time i have been able to use a cup for days without irritation or discomfort and it's been so good! Not to mention that the base product is a really high quality plastic and is thick enough to hold its shape, but flexible enough to be I-can't-feel-a-thing-comfortable. Thank you guys so much. I am so glad i finally bought one!!!

    The Hello Cup

    Oh! That is so great to hear! We love that you love our high quality TPE, designed by a nurse cups! So pleased to have you in our Hello Cup gang! Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx

    Naomi P.
    So glad I decided to choose Hello Cup

    I have tried a few different cup brands and no matter how far I cut the toggle or tab it would still stick out or feel uncomfortable. I was using small sized cups too I just thought maybe I was doing something wrong, why where all these other cups so uncomfortable? Then Hello Cup make a low cervix no toggle cup...I took the plunge and bought the double pack. OMG AMAZING. Seriously cannot believe what a difference this cup has made. I no longer feel like I have a cup inside me with this Hello Cup - and no toggle to stick out of me, makes it much more comfortable. I struggled a little inserting and removing as its slightly stiffer to my other cups and you have to use shallow punch down fold. I read plenty of advice and tips from the Hello Cup Instagram account and it helped so much after taking the time to read it all. Thank you Hello Cup, I cannot believe how comfortable this cup is. Please maybe make more colours for this one? Green kind of looks like an alien egg...

    The Hello Cup

    How awesome it must be to have finally found yourself a low cervix cup which is comfortable and you can feel nothing! Reading up on how to use the shallow punchdown fold with our cups is such a great idea too! Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx