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Hello Low Cervix Cup

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    • Our specialist cup for people with a low cervix 
    • Unsure of our cervix height? Use our measurement guide, here!
    • Unlike our regular Hello Cup, the Hello Low Cervix Cup does not have a toggle at the base. This is because people with a low cervix have a shorter vaginal canal, so they may find the toggle exposed, or uncomfortable. Instead, Hello Low Cervix Cups have a rounded base which is thickened – allowing for easy removal. 
    • Our Hello Low Cervix Cup comes in two sizes – S/M and L. 
    • For more sizing info - check out our handy Size Guide

    The Hello Cup is a complete game changer when it comes to your period.

    • Hypoallergenic
    • Medical-Grade
    • Holds more than tampons
    • Reusable for years
    • Silicone-Free
    • BPA Free
    • Designed by a nurse
    • Made in New Zealand
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    Kelli-Ann K.
    Canada Canada

    Finally a menstrual cup that fits!

    I’ve wanted to love using a menstrual cup for so long, but the truth is they just didn’t work for me. I ALWAYS felt them! No matter what I did. I cut the tip off, I turned them inside out, I bought a size smaller (which was a disaster cause I still felt it and it leaked all over) I tried the suction free one, which was way more comfortable and I didn’t mind having to get pretty intimate with myself to get it in place, but it never stayed put. Every cough, every sneeze, sometimes I’d just move the wrong way and it popped out a bit and boom! Leaking again! So really what’s the point of a cup if you’re wearing pads as backup? Just not built for me after having 5 babies, my pelvic floor is a wee bit messed up I did a quiz and ordered the Hello cup with both sizes to give it a go. The shipping took a long time to get all the way to Alberta, Canada, but after 2 full cycles of using it I’m beyond happy! Fits perfect! I can’t feel it. Plus no tip to cut off. It was a little weird to get used to inserting as its stiffer than other cups and the fold is different, but once I got over that it’s super easy. I totally recommend going with both sizes. I use the Large for heavy days and the s/m for light days. Because the large is smaller than standard cups, in order to fit bodies like mine, you do have to empty it more often on day 1-2 of your period, but I haven’t had any leaks, I just checked every few hours or when it’s feeling ‘heavy’ and was good to go. Honestly I am now proud to say I LOVE my menstrual cup. Thank you for making one that fits!

    New Zealand New Zealand

    Omg amazing

    So my cup arrived on the first day of my period, so I decided to try it on the second day, it was a bit tricky to insert but I guess will ease with practice, the omg is that it was not sore or uncomfortable once it was inserted inside. It didn't stab me in the vagina like previous other cups, I didn't feel like everything was hanging out. I also had no spilling, I normally have a heavy flow and endometriosis so periods are painful. Only down side is that on insertion it did hurt the entrance of my vagina I wonder if using some lubricant will help minimize this until you get the hang of it.


    The Hello Cup

    Brilliant! How awesome to not have a cup stabbing you or being uncomfortable to wear! Try inserting in the shower or using some water based lube to help the cup slide more easily. Also, keep your fold super shallow, and aim to scoop up and in with the cup. Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx

    Val S.


    Super comfortable, easy to use, never had a leak so far. Never thought I'd find a cup working with my prolapse but here you are!

    New Zealand New Zealand


    Love this product. I hadn’t been able to successfully use a cup since I had my children and now I can. It sits perfectly and I can’t feel it. I thought it was my muscles not being strong enough to use a cup but it was because my cervix sits so much lower now.


    The Hello Cup

    We love to hear about customers who now know where their cervix sits and that you are having success with your cup because of it! Thanks for letting us know! Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx

    New Zealand New Zealand

    The most amazing low cervix cup!

    I have an IUD and a very very low cervix and I had used the cup for more than two years before getting my IUD. Although my previus one was great, it was too risky for the IUD. This cup seats perfectly below my strings! I just insert it and forget that is there. I ASKED MY DOCTOR IF I COULD USE THE CUP BEFORE BUYING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Great choice for someone with low cervix.!


    The Hello Cup

    So great! We recommend releasing the seal by giving the base a good squeeze before gently removing so that it doesn't pull the IUD as well. Often a Dr will either trim or tuck the IUD strings to help keep them out of the way. We're really glad to hear that the low cervix cup si such a successful choice for you! Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx