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Hello Cup XS

  • Hello Cup XS – Extra Small Menstrual Cup

    • Our smallest and softest menstrual cup
    • Great option for teenagers, petite users and those who prefer a ‘mini’ tampon
    • Take our Size Quiz if you are still unsure

    The Hello Cup is a complete game changer when it comes to your period.

    • Hypoallergenic
    • Medical-Grade
    • Holds more than tampons
    • Reusable for years
    • Silicone-Free
    • BPA Free
    • Designed by a nurse
    • Made in New Zealand


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      Jenny M.
      New Zealand New Zealand
      Xs hello cup

      This cup was for my daughter. Since buying our first cups three years ago we haven’t looked back. It was time for a refresh. And loved taking advantage of the sale. Thank you Hello cup

      The Hello Cup

      Great to hear that you've now got more than one cup! We love to hear of young people who use Hello Cups, the thought of how much single use waste they save on, is super exciting for us! Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx

      Best purchase ever !!

      I bought my Hello Cup last year after a friend was raving about it and it has been the best thing I've ever bought !! I can't feel it throughout the day and after a time or two getting used to inserting it, it was easy as pie !! I haven't leaked since I got it apart from at the start when I was getting the hang of the suction but since then I've been so stress-free!! It is the cutest colour and I really want to purchase the bright red limited edition clams one as well because I love it so much and from what I have read reviews-wise and on the Hello Cup blog (which is so interesting!) they last for a long time ! My entire flat now has one and everybody loves them !!!

      The Hello Cup

      How cool that your whole flat are using Hello Cups! So much less waste in your house! Thanks for sharing your experience, we love to hear them. Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx

      Cutest little cup

      I love my hello cup. I have vaginismus and I’ve always struggled with periods, from allergies to dryness to muscles that won’t let go. I previously used a different menstrual cup for many years and it was always just a bit too big and the stem was so irritating even after chopping it off totally. The XS hello cup was a game changer with the rim at the top being on the inside of the cup and the little toggle. While some months I still have trouble with insertion, some patience, deep breaths and a lot of lube makes for a much more comfortable period. Because of the vaginismus and flooding periods, I can’t always get a perfect seal, (as I like to say - my cup runneth over) so I have cloth pads as a backup but it doesn’t hurt like my previous cup did. Also it’s bloody adorable.

      The Hello Cup

      It REALLY makes us happy to hear that you have found a way to use Hello Cup with your periods! You've obviously got some great skills for your cup game too - patience, deep breathing and lube to help you! Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx

      LOVE IT

      I'm 16 and I was sick of using pads, and I don't really trust tampons, so I asked my mum for a hello cup for christmas. I've never actually worn a ****** before, so I got the xs cup, and it was very easy to use, the punch down fold didn't work for me tho, so I used a different folding method. The first time putting it in was weird and it took me like an hour, and during the day I could feel it a little bit, but I guessed that was normal because it was my first time (it didn't hurt). On the second day, after I put it in I could feel the toggle coming out, and it really hurt. So I just thought I had a low ******, and I cut the toggle off. On the third day I tried to put it in, but it was really hard to get it to go up. So I decided to measure my ******, and it turns out I actually have a high ******, and the reason why the cup was not going in was because I was putting it in the wrong direction. So on that day I put it in again, but this time in the right direction, and I didn't even feel it. I'm very happy with the hello cup, because it did not leak at all, and even though I didn't put it in right the first couple of times, I could manage to get the hang of it at the end, and I found it super comfy. I'm definitely gonna keep using it cause I really loved it, and I'm never going back to pads again.

      The Hello Cup

      Hey! We're so pleased that you cracked the "settling in" stage with your Hello Cup. If you ever have troubles don't hesitate to contact us to get some expert help! Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx

      Fannie-tastic. Changed my life

      Hello cup is my first ever menstrual cup and probably the last! I just love everything about it I’ve been researching about menstrual cups for a good solid 3 years and finally had the courage to try it last year and I’m so glad I found Hello cup (through reviews online, youtube and instagram) It’s probably the prettiest cup out there, so comfortable and it’s not only good down there, it’s also kind out there (environment) I haven’t experienced leaks since using the cup, I also used to have really bad cramps and for some reason, I haven’t had those crazy cramps since I started using hello cup! I sometimes forget I have period when I use the cup that’s how comfortable it is! Can’t believe I waited 3 years to ditch the pads! The Hello cup team also genuinely cares for their fannies. They are all very kind, helpful and answers any question you have the soonest they can. I was stoked when they released the Hello Low ****** Cup as I have a low ******. Although the smallest size is S/M they told me they will happily send me one to try on! How kind of them ☺️ The best brand, products and Team!

      The Hello Cup

      Thanks for being part of our low cervix cup trial and providing us with loads of great feedback! Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx

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