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Awwa Period Proof Swimwear Set

  • We've joined forces with our friends our pals at AWWA to offer you their amazing Period Proof Bikini Bottoms just in time for summer. Use your AWWA Bikini Bottoms for that dip in the ocean, then pop in your cup to forget Aunt Flo so you can park up and catch some rays.

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    Summer. Sorted.

    About AWWA Period Proof Swimwear

    Enjoy the beach and ocean during your period! Use for protection during light periods, bladder leakage and discharge. AWWA's period proof Bikini pant holds 6ml of flow (1 tampons worth). 

    AWWA Period Proof Swimwear Sizing

    We recommend you select your period proof bikini swimwear set based on your underwear size, as our bikini tops are fully adjustable and designed to fit boobs of all shapes and sizes.