What's the lowdown on Hello Go hand and cup sanitising spray?

How effective is Hello Go and will it protect against things such as coronavirus? Very effective. Our manufacturers, Zoono, have tested it against feline coronavirus (the recognised surrogate for COVID-19) and results showed it gave 99.99% protection. For more information see: https://zoono.co.nz/pages/corona-virus

How does Hello Go work? Hello Go uses amazing technology from manufacturers, Zoono. Once dry, Hello Go resembles a layer of microscopic pins that attract, pierce and kill pathogens – the same principle as a pin popping a balloon. And in the same manner that the burst balloon cannot be reformed, neither can the pathogens – this means NO resistance and NO superbugs! Unlike traditional sanitisers that kill bacteria by poison or high alcohol content, Hello Go is a food safe, water-based surface sanitiser.

Is Hello Go okay to use internally? Yes, Zoono has a pH of 6.9, close to pH 7 which is neutral (water is classified as pH7). It won’t affect the pH balance in your vagina. Once dry it forms an antimicrobial layer and is bound to the surface, so it doesn’t leach and can be used with confidence.

Will Hello Go wash or rub off? No. Hello Go will remain active on the surface of your skin / cup for 24 hours. Normal washing of hands and drying with a towel will not affect efficacy. A single application ofHello Go will act like a glove, providing an invisible bond to the skin for 24 hours without the need for reapplication.

Should I apply Hello Go more than once a day?  You don’t have to. It will remain active on the skin until natural exfoliation has occurred and this usually takes 24 hours or so (varies due to factors like perspiration). If you feel you want to apply more often that is fine too.

Will Hello Go will discolour my clothes? No. Hello Go is a liquid that is invisible on application. It forms an antimicrobial barrier on the skin and will not stain clothing nor discolour skin.

Will Hello Go dry out my hands and cause chapped skin? No. Unlike other hand sanitisers that contain up to 70% alcohol and can chap the hands and dry the skin, Hello Go is a mild but effective. On application, Hello Go will leave your hands soft and moisturised.

When Hello Go is applied to my hands will it allow the skin to function normally (eg. produce its own oil and sweat)? Yes. Hello GO does not inhibit the normal function of the skin. The antimicrobial layer produced by application of Hello Go bonds to the skin but is permeable to gases which allows the skin to “breathe” normally.

Has Hello Go been tested on a variety of skin types? Yes. It has been dermatologically tested in Germany on a range of skin types (older people, young people, fair skinned and dark-skinned people etc) – with zero reactions recorded.

How do you know Hello Go works? Hello Go’s manufacturer Zoono has done numerous successful tests with independent labs around the world to prove it is effective. The technology can also be proven with an ATP device which involves taking swabs (before and after treatment) from the surface and measuring the results. ATP is a globally accepted method of testing for pathogenic presence and is commonly used by QA personnel in all major food and beverage production facilities.

How do I use Hello GO? Spray your hands and / or cup and allow to dry. Easy peasy.

What’s the techy lowdown on Hello Go? Hello Go doesn’t use chemicals, poisons or alcohol to kill germs. Hello Go kills via a mechanical process. Hello Go leaves an invisible shield which resembles an antimicrobial spike or pin that pierces the microorganism, bursting it like a balloon. The shield carries on working. The active ingredient: <1% is a quaternary ammonium compound – these are commonly used antibacterial agents found in products such as toothpaste, contact lens products, cosmetics, soaps etc. This quaternary ammonium compound originates from sand. Pretty awesome, eh?

What are some fun facts I can entertain my friends with about Hello Go? Who doesn’t love a friend who is a fountain of knowledge?

Try these to score some points:

  • Hello Go is alcohol free, low-tox & dermatologically tested
  • Hello Go is less toxic than vitamin C & coffee
  • Hello Go is water-based (99% purified water!)
  • Hello Go is environmentally friendly
  • Hello Go surface products have food safety approvals in Australia and New Zealand
  • Hello Go is Australian and New Zealand owned
  • Hello Go is scientifically proven by over 100 independent lab reports

For more information see: www.zoono.com

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