Argh! Why is my cup leaking?

Springing a leak is no fun. But, like with tampons, they can happen from time to time. Here are our pro-tips on how to resolve them:

1. Your cup hasn’t opened out properly. This is normally caused either the fold or the size being not right.  

  • We recommend using a shallow punchdown fold rather than the ‘c’ fold when inserting your cup, angling it back toward your tailbone. Let the cup open when it is just inside the vagina and then manoeuvre higher with the toggle. It also pays to give the toggle a couple of gentle tugs after inserting your Hello Cup to help ensure a suction has been formed.

  • Despite what many think, a leaking cup can sometimes be a sign your cup is too big. If your cup doesn’t have enough room to unfold properly, it may buckle and you might experience leaking down the side. Fit and petite users often find they are a smaller size regardless of age and whether or not they have had children. We do not recommend choosing a cup size based solely on your flow. Our handy size quiz will help you work out what’s the best choice for you. 

2. Your cup isn’t sitting under your cervix.

  •  Ideally you need your cup to sit just below your cervix but here’s the catch - not all cervixes are centred! Next time you have a smear or vaginal exam, ask your doctor or gynaecologist where your cervix sits. If your cervix sits to the left, for example, you will want to angle your cup more to the left to ensure it sits below your cervix. 

3. Your cup was wet when you inserted it.

  • If there’s excess water on the outside of the cup it can mix with menstrual blood already in your vagina making you think you’ve sprung a leak when it is more of an ‘existing situation’ scenario. To avoid this, wipe your cup dry before you insert. 

4. If your bowel is full, it can affect your cup (your mum says hi and to eat more fibre).

  • Similarly when you lay that cable, the motion can sometimes cause a bit of leakage.

5. If your cup is nearly full, the weight of the cup can reduce the suction which may cause leakage.

  • While cups can be worn for up to 12 hours, if your flow is heavy you will need to empty more often. 

...Be patient with yourself. Cups can take a while to get the hang of - but don’t give up! Some users chose to wear our washable Hello Liners as a safeguard while they get used to cup life. 

If you need any additional help drop us a line at 

Keen to help Hello Cup achieve world menstrual cup domination? 

We’re looking for a kick-arse sales manager who loves nothing more than smashing sales KPIs out of the park. We’re a small company doing exciting things especially when it comes to reducing single use sanitary waste around the world. Hello Cups have an amazing reputation globally and we need you to help drive our retail growth both locally and internationally. 

You’ll be a fun, smart, hard-working person with great contacts and a passion for doing good.

Key bits: 

- You are a natural born sales machine! So you know just what to say and when to say to make sure that you are furthering the business needs of the company without compromising our market position 

- Know our product through and through so you can target revenue growth

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- Ensuring customers have the material they need to promote and communicate the benefits of our products

- Contributing towards the sales culture of a small team of positive, kind and enthusiastic people 

Skills and Qualifications

- Minimum 2-3 years Wholesale Sales/Account Management experience, ideally with experience in the Health and Wellness sector

- Experienced and highly driven sales professional with great business acumen

- Experience in cold calling with a hunting attitude

- Proven track record in delivering results, targets, KPIs

- Ability to quickly develop lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with customers

- Familiar with the solutions-based sales approach

- Committed to outcomes that benefit the employer and the customer

- Self-motivated and capable of managing your own time and regional area with efficiency and effectiveness
Industry experience preferable but not essential

The position is based in Wellington, New Zealand. This is a key role that requires extensive experience and skills. If you don’t have experience, please don’t apply - it’s an absolute prerequisite. 

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Applications close Friday 9th October 2020.