We’ve pretty stoked Hello Cup is collaborating with Melbourne’s super cool but ‘least professional’ (their words) water ballet troupe, The Clams to make a menstrual cup that not only looks super cute, but part of profits go to charity.

So what is the collab? Thanks for asking! It’s a super gorgeous limited edition red menstrual cup. We’ve called it the Hello Clams Cup. Why? Because we are kind of like-minded – we both love a bit of period talk, breaking down stigmas but done with a good dollop of fun and humour. Not to blow our own trumpets – but both Hello Cup and The Clams are kind, kindred spirits aka good c**ts. (Sorry mum, but that was what Google came up with when we entered our key attributes).

But in all seriousness, The Clams are a group of awesome and fun women whose hearts are in the right place. The minute we saw their Instagram page we developed a High School-esque crush on them. They talked about important issues in an accessible and humorous way. One of those issues is periods. So mix in a mutual love for long walks on the beach at sunsets, we felt like our stars were aligned and we needed to take the plunge and make contact in the hope of creating some sweet, meaningful, long-term menstrual cup love together. A match made in heaven? We thought so. But (cue dramatic music in your head) would they swipe left or right when we sent them an email suggesting we get together? We’d be lying if we said there weren’t a few nerves but luckily there was a mutual attraction. We talked, we schemed – then we made it official.

We (Robyn and Mary – Hello Cup girl bosses) flew to Melbourne from New Zealand for our first blind date with The Clams. There were several outfit changes in advance but as soon as we arrived to a studio in the heart of Brunswick, we knew this relationship would blossom.

We shot our Clams Campaign with eight ‘clams’ who had given all up their Sunday to stand unfazed in red swimsuits on a late Autumn day posing gloriously for fab girl power photographer Bri Hammond.

There were plenty of giggles, Uber Eats and then to cap off a magical unicorn day, Clam member and baker extrodinaire Ali pulls out the cutest Hello Cup shaped cookies. I mean, seriously? So yes, it was absolutely the perfect first date.

But crushes aside – there’s a meaningful purpose behind the collaboration. We both wanted to support an organisation that was doing good work to make period life better for those who struggle to afford sanitary products. The non-profit we both admired was One Girl. Period poverty is a thing and one of the their missions is to help alleviate that for those who need products but can’t afford them. A percentage of all profits from our Hello Clams Cup goes to One Girl so if you are in the market for a cup and want to do some serious good at the same time – a Hello Clams Cup might just be your perfect match.