So the holiday season is a fab time to create memories and hang with the famdamily. It’s also a time when a huge amount of waste is generated. There are plenty of great options to reduce Xmas waste such as buying one present for each person in the family, reusing wrapping paper or, even better, seeking out alternative wrapping paper such as linen tea towels. 

So if you are looking to give more mindfully this year, here are a few cool brands that have caught our eye and who are doing good things in a sustainable way. Warning: the temptation to do a bit of self-giving may be strong.

  1. Smartass toilet paper subscription – nothing says “wholly crap its Christmas” than a toilet paper subscription. Weird maybe, but also a totally practical gift that you know will get used. Even better, their TP is made from sustainable, tree-free bamboo fibre.


2. Eat Crawlers – they say insects are the food of the future. Chocolate coated tarantula or scorpion lollipop, anyone? 

3. Lisse Razor – Disposable plastic razors aren’t mates with Mother Nature, so yes it may be practical but it’s also surely the best-looking razor you’ve ever seen. 

4. Reusable coffee cups are essential these days but if you’re after seriously stylish, unisex cups then look no further than Morgan Made’s Good Cup range. 


5. Aleph Beauty Foundation – it’s wise to know what’s in your foundation because rubbing chemicals into your skin is never a great idea. Give the gift of good looking skin with this all natural product. 



6. Wundaire Banana Planter: A plant always makes a fab pressies. Pop one in this amazing planter and well, just wow. I mean, have you see a cuter planter? That’s a rhetorical question because we KNOW you haven’t.



7. A smudge of Wildlove’s Kawkakawa Healing Balm on your lips will make that mistletoe pash even better. It’s also a great all-purpose balm.



8. Blonde ambitions this summer? Well our friends at Ethique have new bar which will help banish those brassy tones. Called Tone It Down, it’s perfect for the blondes in your life. 

9. Zao Nail Polish – nail polishes can be pretty toxic, but not these gorgeous talon enhancers. Enriched with bamboo rhizome macerate, rich in organic silica, they will even help to make your nails stronger. 


10. If you don’t want your pampered pooch to miss out on a wee festive treat, then check out Good Dog Collars. Handcrafted and made to last.


11. Lily Bee Wraps – a gorgeous and eco-friendly way to keep food fresh without having to resort to single-use plastic wrap.


12. Sol Zinc –  Sunscreens are always a good idea. Nothing says I love you AND the planet more than a sunscreen that protects the person you love, is reef friendly (so won’t harm coral) and comes in plastic-free packaging.