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When good periods turn bad

We’ve all been there. Period horror stories are, well, horrific. There’s nothing that can match the mortification of a leak that ‘becomes public’. While at the time, you probably felt like you’d rather the ground opened up and swallowed you - time is a great healer.  [...]

5 October 2018|0 Comments

The Diary of A Menstrual Cup First Timer

After some serious research, doubts, deliberations and positive affirmations about menstrual cups I’ve finally done it!  I’m the owner of a Hello Cup and I’m feeling as proud as punch!   I’ve made my purchasing decision as a direct consequence of my absolute fear that one [...]

7 September 2018|0 Comments

Let’s talk about periods in schools

The Hello Cup talks to an expert on how we should be teaching our kids about periods and reusable menstrual options in schools. “Biology is not waiting for parents to have conversations with their children,” says Eileen Joy, a sexual health educator in Auckland, New Zealand. [...]

30 August 2018|1 Comment