Cup convos

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Trying a Hello Cup for the first time

By Jasmine from This year I swapped from using tampons/pads to using a menstrual cup. The Hello Cup, to be even more specific. I've been thinking about making this switch for a while now for a few reasons; 1) Menstrual cups are more environmentally friendly - [...]

4 April 2019|0 Comments

Can I use my Hello Cup with an IUD?

By Mary Bond, registered nurse & Hello Cup girl boss One of the most common things we get asked is: ‘can I use a Hello Cup if I have an IUD or copper coil’? The answer is yes, absolutely! It’s always a good idea to have [...]

20 March 2019|0 Comments

Who the hell is Leona?

So who was the ace lady who invented the menstrual cup? Spoiler alert: it wasn’t us. Her name was Leona Chalmers and although others had had a fumble around with various cup ideas, she was the first person to patent the design of what we now [...]

14 January 2019|0 Comments

When good periods turn bad

We’ve all been there. Period horror stories are, well, horrific. There’s nothing that can match the mortification of a leak that ‘becomes public’. While at the time, you probably felt like you’d rather the ground opened up and swallowed you - time is a great healer.  [...]

5 October 2018|0 Comments