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Hello Cup Double Box

  • Hello Double Boxes are a great option if you are unsure of what size to pick and want to find out which works for you. You get two cups in different sizes, each in individual cotton bags in one box. Many people find they can wear two sizes.

    For more sizing info - check out our handy Size Guide

    The Hello Cup is a complete game changer when it comes to your period.

    • Hypoallergenic
    • Medical-Grade
    • Holds more than tampons
    • Reusable for years
    • Silicone-Free
    • BPA Free
    • Designed by a nurse
    • Made in New Zealand




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      Would never go back to pad or tampons

      I bought my Hello Cups a few years ago now and I love them. They did take a little getting used to but once they soften a bit through use they are much easier to use. I like the fact that there are no nasty smells and they are easy to change. Have saved so much money by not needing to shop for pads and tampons. Only wish I'd bought them sooner. :-)

      The Hello Cup

      We love the lack of nasty smells, and all that saved money! Thanks for sharing your Hello Cup experience! Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx

      Restored my Faith in Cups!

      I’d been using a cup on and off for 3 years before I purchased the Hello Cup, and my goodness was it a pain (literally). I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong, but using my cheapest-I-could-find cup left me sore, frustrated, and was more trouble than it was worth. But I wasn’t ready to give up so I bought the Hello Cup in XS and S and holy balls it’s so damn easy! They open no trouble, I can’t fee it throughout the day, little to no leakage (I wear period undies the first couple days as well just to be on the safe side because sometimes leaks happen, but nothing like the last cup I had), and I’m not crippled by cramps every time I use it. My only regret is not buying one sooner!

      The Hello Cup

      It makes us so happy to hear that you didn't give up on cups and then found your way to Hello Cup! Thanks for sharing! Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx

      Leak Central

      Onto my second period after switching to HelloCup after using another NZ brand for 10 months. My HelloCup in both S and XS has leaked more times in 1.5 periods than the other did in 10. The material is too thick and inflexible so does not open up properly whilst inside. Waste of money switching!

      The Hello Cup

      We're so sorry to hear that you have had leaks, and would have loved the opportunity to help you solve the problems with your cup if you had got in touch! Users who have previously used a silicone cup often find that the folds they have previously used don't work that well with the TPE and internal rim of Hello Cup. Our recommended shallow punchdown fold is a winner though once it is mastered! We have a short animation on our website to help, and are always available at to problem solve! Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx

      Bridget R.
      Not comfortable

      An honest review. All body types are different and these products did not suit me. Uncomfortable and didn’t fit well (I got two sizes to try and insert as directed). I also found the toggle too short. Will be going back to another brand.

      The Hello Cup

      We're so sorry to hear that your experience with Hello Cup wasn't a comfortable one! Sometimes there can be a need to tweak the technique of the user to be sure of success, we would have loved the opportunity to try and help you! It is also possible that you have a high cervix as most users with average height cervixes find the toggle to be a good length - it may pay to check yours to help you find the perfect cup for your needs in the future! Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx

      My experience as well as some tips and tricks

      Trying to adjust to birth control was the worst, bleeding 24/7 for months I needed something to make it easier, so I invested in a hello cup. When I first tried the hello cup I was having a lot of difficulties about the fold, how it’s supposed to sit and a lot of trouble with leakage I tried a lot of tricks to avoid leakage, I couldn’t feel it suction, so I didn’t know if I was doing it right, twisting didn’t help either, I tried a few different folds but the recommended fold worked the best. But it still wouldn’t unfold, I watched a few YouTube videos and a technique was to insert the cup how you would and then stick your finger in between the walls of the ****** and the cup and press on the outer walls of the ******, giving room for the cup to expand and then suction. I also leant that a little amount of leakage can be caused by the ****** walls already being covered in blood. What I do is put the cup in as per usual then try and flush the blood around the cup and ****** out with water. Also a tip to deal with stains is to soak the cup in 1 part bleach and 3 parts water and sit for 15-20 mins and the cup looks brand new again. This took me a good few months to get the hang of it. But now that I knew what I’m doing it’s amazing, it’s so comfy, most of the time you don’t feel anything but it should not be causing any pain once it’s inserted. If so just take it out or adjust the cup. I love the fact that it doesn’t need to be changed as regularly as a tampons or pads.

      The Hello Cup

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience and the tips and tricks you have learned along the way! Love from the Hello Cup Team xxx