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It’s time to put yourself and your body first. Hello Cups are made of top notch medical grade plastic (known as TPE) which we import from Germany. They are free of latex, silicone, perfumes, bleaches and all other nasties. We guarantee they will make having your period so much easier and cheaper. Unlike tampons which absorb your natural vjayjay moisture, your Hello Cup won’t dry you out or leave nasty bleached fibres behind.

Also, because you can reuse your Hello Cup for years – you won’t have to do that late night dash to the supermarket when your period shows up unexpectedly. No more rummaging around in your handbag for a tampon only to find it’s burst through its wrapper. No more stuffing tampons up your sleeve at work to hide the fact you’re off to the loo to change your tampon. Your Hello Cup holds three times more than tampons – making heavier days just that much easier.

Did we mention that you’ll save some serious cash along the way too?

YES! While some women get the hang of them straight away, for others it may take a bit of practice – in the same way tampons take a bit of practice the first time around. Once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll find your Hello Cup is super easy to use! Sometimes first-times users like to try inserting it in the shower. The water helps with the lubrication and you don’t have to worry about any mess. New users can also use water-based lubricants if they feel they need to.

We recommend the ‘punchdown’ fold as the best fold for the Hello Cup. The main thing is to ensure your cup pops open properly once inserted and forms a suction. While you are getting used to it, don’t be afraid to move your finger around the edge of the cup to make sure it is fully opened.

The risk of getting TSS (toxic shock syndrome) while using a menstrual cup is extremely low. TSS is a rare but serious condition cause by toxins released by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. Symptoms include fever, chills, dizziness, fatigue, muscle aches, or rash. If you experience any of these symptoms – remove your Hello Cup and seek medical advice.

To keep yourself safe, ensure you do not leave your cup in for more than 12 hours. TSS can only occur if the toxin enters your bloodstream. This can happen if you have an abrasion – which could be caused by sex, nails, tampons or cups being inserted without sufficient vaginal lubrication. If you are aware you have an abrasion, avoid wearing a your cup (or tampon) until it has healed.

Wash your hands before and after changing your cup. If you have access to a sink, you can wash your cup after each use with hot water and mild soap. If you are in a loo with no hand basin – it is fine to simply wipe out your cup and reinsert. It is important to sterilise your cup at the end of your cycle. If you have two cups you may wish to alternate them and sterilise after each use.

To sterilise your cup, boil in for three minutes, sterilise in the microwave (as you would a baby bottle – specific times and settings will depend on your microwave) or use a sterilising tablet. Sterilising tablets are a great option if you are in shared accomodation. They can be found in most supermarkets and chemists (normally in the baby section).

If you have any questions email us: hello@thehellocup.com

Not at all. While you do have to be comfortable with your body, inserting a Hello Cup is very similar to inserting a ‘bullet’ type tampon. Once your Hello Cup is inserted correctly, it forms a seal. Blood is collected in the cup. When you remove it, you simply squeeze the base of the cup to release the suction and then pull it down and tip the contents down the loo.

Contrary to what some think, it’s not messy and your hands will not look like you’ve just taken part in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel.

Way less than you would have to with tampons – but everyone’s flow is different.

On heavy days you might need to empty your Hello Cup up to four times a day but later in your cycle you will likely find you only need to take it out once a day. It is not recommended you leave your Hello Cup in for more than 12 hours – ideally you should empty it every 8 hours.

As long as your Hello Cup is inserted correctly and emptied when needed, it shouldn’t leak. However, like tampons leaks can happen from time to time – especially if your cup hasn’t opened out properly.

To check your Hello Cup is open, run your finger around the base of the cup. It should feel even right around. If you feel an indent, try twisting your cup around a couple of times. It also pays to give the toggle a couple of gentle tugs after inserting your Hello Cup to help ensure a suction has been formed.

Some women chose to wear a liner as a safe guard, but most women find cups to be far more reliable than tampons.

The Hello Cup comes in three sizes – TEEN, S/M and L. The Hello Cup TEEN is designed for younger, first time cup users. It is smaller than our S/M and made of slightly softer material.

We recommend the S/M for women under 30 years or who are nervous about trying a cup. If you have given birth, are over 30 years old, or have a heavy flow – then this is probably the one for you.

Sometimes it’s a case of trial and error. For example, if your S/M Hello Cup is opening but you get leakage, you might need to go up a size. On the other hand if you find your L won’t open – you might need to go down a size. Sometimes very fit women find the smaller size is the better option for them.

If you are uncertain about what size to choose we offer a discounted ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ option to help take the guess work out of things. This allows you to choose a Hello Cup box with any two sizes inside for $69. Many women find they can wear both sizes so opt for the smaller sized Hello Cup on light days and the larger one on heavy days.

The diameter of the TEEN is 38mm and the overall length including the toggle is 57mm. It holds 17.5ml (to the holes).

The diameter of the S/M is 41mm and the overall length including the toggle is 59mm. It holds 21mls (to the holes).

The diameter of the L is 45mm and the overall length including the toggle is 64mm. It holds 28ml (to the holes).

Drop us a line if you have any questions about sizing – hello@thehellocup.com

Using a Hello Cup is very clean because blood is captured inside the cup. To remove the cup, locate the base and squeeze it gently. This will release the suction. Pull the cup out keeping it upright. Simply tip the contents down the toilet, rinse or wipe out the cup and reinsert. Simple.

Unlike tampons and pads, the blood doesn’t mix with the air. It is this combo that can make having your period literally a stink time. Cups are pretty much odour free. Yay.

If you do find your cup a bit wiffy, try changing it more regularly. Here are a few other tips to combat odour:

  • Dry your cup in indirect sunlight for a few hours
  • Boil your cup for three minutes (like you do at the end of each cycle)
  • Soak your cup in lemon juice or a 1/2 & 1/2 vinegar and water solution for an hour – then rinse throughly.

It’s easy to look after and clean your Hello Cup. Remember to wash your hands before you insert or removing your Hello Cup. After removing your Hello Cup, empty it and rinse under the tap. If you are not near a sink, it’s fine to simply wipe your Hello Cup out with toilet paper. Otherwise, you can clean in with warm water and a mild soap (just make sure all soap residue is rinsed off).

While you can leave your Hello Cup in for up to 12 hours, we recommend changing it every 8 hours if you can. If you are traveling in countries where tap water is not safe to drink, we recommend rinsing your Hello Cup with bottled water.

At the end of your period finishes, sterilise your cup before you put it away. To do this we recommend using sterilising tablets or putting you Hello Cup in boiling water for 3 minutes.

Like anything in life, you’re likely to be able to find cheaper versions. Most of the cheap cups come from China. Often the cheaper ones are made from inferior materials and are more flimsy – making it harder to for the cup to pop open and achieve a good seal. It was this experience that drove us to produce The Hello Cup. We want something we would feel happy for our daughters to use.

Your Hello Cup will last several years – so again, compared with tampons and sanitary pads, the investment is small in the longer term – and you are helping save the planet at the same time. Bonus!

No. Basically your vjayjay is a dead end street. If your Hello Cup has moved high up and you can’t feel the toggle – don’t panic! Bearing down (like you are pushing out a poo) or squatting over the loo will help your Hello Cup move down so you can grip the toggle.

There is no reason teenagers can’t use cups. In fact, we have plenty of teens who use Hello Cups and love them. The Hello Cup TEEN is our smallest cup and a great starting point for younger, first time users.

Some websites suggest menstrual cups may interfere with the hymen. Essentially inserting a cup is no different to inserting a tampon. The hymen will stretch and / or break as a girl matures. Some women prefer not to use cups or tampons for personal or cultural reasons.

Hello Cups are the perfect travelling companion! We wish we’d known about cups when we were backpacking around the world! Not only will you have more money to spend but you’ll have more room in your bags and you’ll never be caught short no matter where in the world you are. Brilliant.

No – if your cup is inserted correctly, a seal will have formed and this will prevent your cup from leaking. Because they hold more blood than tampons, your Hello Cup is perfect for overnight.

Breath deeply and relax! Your Hello Cup is still there – it’s probably just moved up a little higher than normal. During the course of a day your cervix can move up and down and your cup can move up and down with it.

If you can’t feel the toggle of your Hello Cup, the best thing to do is to sit on the loo and bear down and push using your pelvic floor muscles – a bit like you are doing a poo. Too much info? We’re all friends though, right? This will help your cup to move down and you should now be able to reach it. If you are still having issues, drop us a line at: hello@thehellocup.com

Yes you can. Care needs to be take to ensure your cup isn’t touching your IUD strings. We recommend talking to your doctor about using your cup with an IUD. They may want to shorten the strings to ensure they don’t interfere with the cup.

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Global shipping orders are sent via New Zealand Courier and your country’s local postal service. Estimated delivery time is 10 working days.

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Hello Cups are made from top-notch medical grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). They contain no rubber, latex, PBAs, heavy metals or other nasties. Colours used are certified food grade and comply with EU and FDA standards. Hello Cups are fully recyclable and are FDA registered.

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