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Why the Hello Cup?

The 261 Fearless Hello Cup

The 261 Fearless Hello Cup is our limited edition purple cup. The cup comes in all three sizes – XS (extra small), S/M (small / medium) and L (large).

The cup, launched at the New York City Marathon expo on 1 November 2018, is a collaboration with global running network 261 Fearless, founded by marathon legend Kathrine Switzer. The collaboration aims to provide women a sustainable solution to their menstrual periods as well as providing long-distance athletes with an option that holds more than tampons – ideal when time is of the essence (and let’s face it – no one likes ducking into a portaloo).

Each 261 Fearless Hello Cup sold will help benefit the non-profit work 261 Fearless does to further their mission of empowering women globally through running. These limited edition cups are only available online.

To find out more about 261 Fearless and Kathrine Switzer go to:


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